The Importance of a Good Nursing Program

How do we define a good nursing program? There are many ways, and they differ for different people. Having said that, there are a number of criteria that, if not universal, are at least applicable to the vast majority of good nursing programs. First and foremost, value. Is the school reasonably priced for what it offers? Do a large percentage of students go on to find employment within the first three months after graduation? Is there a reliable alumni network and job placement service for recent grads?

After considering the long term repercussions of a good nursing program, one must also consider vital - but temporary - factors such as class size and quality of teaching facilities. Is there an affiliation between the nursing program and a set of clinics, or even a hospital? How long has the nursing program been around? Are students there generally satisfied with their education? (If you don't know the answer to this one, ask around!)

The more questions you ask before you begin, the more you will know about your nursing program of choice, and thus the more likely you will be pleased with your choice.

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